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DANUBE COMPANY LIMITED operates and manage the first ever Hypermarket in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. DANUBE HYPERMARKET as it is popularly known caters to the everyday needs of the rising number of consumers in the city of Jeddah and nearby towns and cities. Located inside the prestigious Heraa International Mall, Danube Hypermarket is a one-stop, all under one roof supermarket and food chain with international item standards and of the best quality.

Now on its 10th year of operation and has already expanded out to five (5) more supermarket branches, DANUBE is attracting an average of 20,000 plus customers daily and sales is having an steady growth of 5% annually. All supermarket branches are equipped with the latest Retail Technology that is designed for fast and efficient service patterned in Europe and U.S.A.

In 1995, DANUBE COMPANY LIMITED acquired the rights, assets and liabilities of DANUBE Star for Bakeries and Marketing Limited. Danube Star is a very popular chain of Bakeries, Pastry Shop and Restaurant in the city of Jeddah with three (3) operational branches and has been in operation for seven (7) years. The acquisition gives a bigger market potential for both companies.

The supermarkets are now serving freshly baked breads and thebest quality of pastry and cakes. Danube Star was completely renovated and new sales and marketing strategies were applied to boast sales and profit. Its newest service is catering for parties and special occasion that contributed so much earning potentials.

In the middle of 2001, BINDAWOOD SUPERSTORES, another chain of supermarket that has branches in the three (3) main cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia merged with DANUBE COMPANY LIMITED. The merging created the largest number of supermarket chain the Western Province of Saudi Arabia. Both companies are still maintaining it’s distinctive presence in the market but it is now sharing resources in delivering goods and services to customers.

Presently, BINDAWOOD and DANUBE has a combined operation of (7)Hypermarkets, eighteen (18) Supermarkets, seven (25) Pastry Shops and two (5) Restaurants in the Cities of Jeddah, Makkah & Madinah under the skilful management of Engineer Abdulrazzaq Bindawood, Mr. Abdul Khaliq Bindawood and Mr. Khalid Bindawood.

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